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This community specific web site showcases everything a visitor would want to know about. Not only do they get access to all the new listing data, but they can also view, recently sold properties, current market stats, and open house listings. Take advantage of this Special Offer and get your community real estate portal set up for only $499 with a $49 per month hosting fee.

Customization includes adding your photo, bio, and company and contact information. Additional changes are billable and not included in this offer. 12 month minimum contract.

Check our our live example here: Shadow Wood Country Club

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responsive real estate website design for realtors


As a REALTOR, you want to be the authority in the communities you sell in. With our COMMUNITY REAL ESTATE WEBSITES, web visitors who are researching your FARM AREA can search for that perfect property to call home. See what's for sale, recently Sold, For Rent or Open House listed to visit. Take your FARM AREA sales to the next level.

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Membership Director Benefits


As an AGENT, what tool could be more powerful than having a specific website for your FARM COMMUNITY. Showcasing that communities current listings, open houses, rentals, market stats and past sales! All contacts and inquiries go directly to you the agent of authority, bettering your chance of obtaining both sides of the transaction for buyers and sellers!

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Responsive real estate website design for country clubs


What a great tool for residents of your farm community! Their property showcased for sale or rent on the community focused website. Prospects can see what's currently available, recent solds, market stats and Open Houses Listings. The resident can drive their own contacts to the community site and, get emails on new listings and price changes. Great for selling or renting their property!

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responsive real estate website design for realtors

Profile Your City and PYC Club have been a wonderful addition to our website resources.

Since the Shadow Wood community has been built out for several years now, we rely on home resales to bring new owners and prospective new members into Shadow Wood. For a prospective member who is still up north and is researching the entire package of real estate and membership, being able to offer them one website to find everything for the Shadow Wood community has been invaluable. The Profile Your City team was able to build the page so it has the same look and feel of our club’s website which was very important to us as we were researching options. In addition to the added benefit for prospective members, the REALTORS love it too. Having their MLS listings displayed on our club website gives them extra exposure. It is really a win-win! The Profile Your City team has been easy to work with, responsive, and comes to me with innovative new ideas on how to improve the experience. Definitely, a worthwhile investment for any membership director whose membership sales are largely dependent on real estate sales in their community!

Danita Osborn, Membership Director | Shadow Wood Country Club


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What Our PYC Club Real Estate Websites Include

Mobile Responsive Web Design For Realtors


Listings! What's Active & What's Sold

Not only does our real estate portal showcase all that is available, leading visitors to that emotional connection with a new home, but it also showcases what has recently sold and market statistics for your community that please the analytical mind. This site is so comprehensive and is designed to lead the visitor closer to the sale and new membership with every click of their mouse!

Mobile Responsive Web Design For Realtors


Let's Go! Open House Schedule

Now that they've seen properties for sale, let's get them there! With our Open House feature, visitors can view dates and times for the properties that are scheduled to be held Open. All the REALTORS have to do is mark the house open in the MLS and it will feed into the site instantly. This is great for prospective homebuyers, not to mention, Membership Directors, REALTORS, and Residents who all want to sell those properties!

Mobile Responsive Web Design For Realtors


Annual or Vacation Rentals

If your community offers rentals, we can showcase them. Listings feed in directly from the MLS data and update automatically. We also can incorporate "By Owner" listings if that's important to the Club. Sometimes we need to turn renters into buyers, so catering to visitors looking to get familiar with a community allows us to create connections. In many cases, even renters can contribute to the membership base and fees.

Mobile Responsive Web Design For Realtors


Community Map With Active Listings

Everyone loves an easy to read listings map! Especially on their tablet or smartphone. PYC Club incorporates a map of the community that highlights active listings. This is a quick and easy way to see properties for sale. Find the street you are looking for, see proximity to community features and find the perfect home in the community.

Mobile Responsive Web Design For Realtors


Email Alerts For New Listings Or Price Changes

We want your visitors to be among the first to know when new properties in your community come on the market. We also want them to know when there is a drop in price on a home they might have their eye on. Our system allows them to sign up for alerts and receive an email with this new information. We know they like the community, now let's find them that house and get to know our new club member!

Mobile Responsive Web Design For Realtors


Agent Contact On Every Listing

Well, Realtors love this!...and they should! On every listing detail, is the name and phone number for the listing agent. We want to get your visitor the most accurate information about the property, and quickly, so we drive them to the best resource...the Realtor! Realtors will be thanking you for this great exposure!

Mobile Responsive Web Design For Realtors


Mobile Responsive Design

It's a mobile world and most of us are glued to our smartphone and tablets. All of our websites adapt to this new way of conducting our lives! Designed to reformat to whatever device the user is on, our websites offer the abundance of tools and content that your visitor wants. Gone are the days of truncated "Mobile" websites. Your new website offers the "Full Site Experience".