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4 Steps To Making Yourself A Powerful Real Estate Professional!

Helping REALTORS We have been focused in on helping Realtors grow their business in this market for over 14 years now. With the ever changing technology and so many tools to choose from, we want to share with you, what has been most successful for our agents.
4 keys to your Real Estate Success!
1. Be found - Make yourself available, in person & online
          In person, are you…
          • Dressed for success?
          • Wearing a name badge?
          • Talking to people, making sure they know you’re a Realtor?
          • Doing Open Houses? A great place to start!
          Online are you…
          • Listed in the most popular business directories?
          • Do you have a domain name and email address that markets you?
          • Connecting with people using social media?
          • Participating with YouTube?
          • Does your social media drive them back to your real estate web site with properties featured?
2. Have a great web site of your own as a resource for your current customers and new prospects!
Don’t…Rely on a company web site! The market moves and so do you.
          Can they… 
          • Easily search current listings?
          • Find information about different communities in the area?
          • Find out what has sold?
          • See relevant market stats on active and sold listings?
          • Receive email alerts about new properties and price changes?
          • Easily view your web site on their mobile device without having to download apps or view a truncated mobile versions?
3. Once you have a prospect in your sights, can you capture their information?
          In person, are you…
          • Asking for new business or referrals?
          • Willing to ask them for their email and what type of property they want?
          • If the answer is “yes” do you use your phone or iPad to sign them up for property updates?
          • Have you practiced this? How fast are you?
          Online are you…
          • Asking for new business or referrals?
          • Including calls to action on your web site?
          • Do you have a sign up for email updates tool?
          • Do you have a sign up for your newsletter?
          • Do you offer maps or other materials?
          • Do you push your listing onto Social Media?
4. Once you have a connection, whether old or new, do you follow up? 
          To remind people you’re a Realtor, do you…
          • Send out a monthly newsletter?
          • Send out Email property updates?
          • Drip emails on important dates?
          • Remind them when you see them in person?
          • Do you push your listing onto Social Media?
Stay connected with your real estate clients There is nothing more upsetting than when you have made a connection with someone, only to find out a few months later that your neighbor, friend or prospect bought or sold with someone else. With the number of Realtors in our market and the busy lives people lead, it is imperative to stay in front of them, reminding them that you are the expert who is available to help them. Don’t expect THEM to remember, it’s YOUR job to remind them. 
Most Importantly...Work With Us!
For over 14years now, Jeff & Jenn Buck, founders of "PYCGO" and Profile Your City, Inc have been producing the most comprehensive Real Estate Web Sites around. Focusing solely on the real estate industry allows us to develop and integrate the most relevant online real estate tools, helping our Realtors stay ahead of the technology curve.
At Profile Your City, Inc., we take your success personally. We have assembled a team of design, programming and support professionals to take you from foundation to fruition in your online business endeavor. 
Service is our top priority! We invite you to see the difference a hands-on company like ours will make. Take advantage of our online and personal training classes.
Our “Full Service Approach” to our products, service and support will leave you free to do what you do best, sell real estate....
Other Suggestions:
Read Dale Carnegie “How to Win Friends and Influence People” 
Remember you are a sales person! Real Estate Sales is a personal business. There is no substitute for person to person contact. 
Don’t overlook the people you already know. Working your “sphere of influence” is the best place to start.
“There is no elevator to success…you have to take the stairs.” Zig Ziglar